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Gary Smith


My wife, Sandy, and I have been married since 1970. We have three children who have blessed our lives in so many ways.  Besides our relationship with Christ, our family is the center of our lives.  Our oldest, Drew, is already in heaven waiting on us to meet him there.  His death in 1986 has been used by the Lord to teach us a lot about God’s love and purpose.  Our daughter, Katy, is married to Steve, and is the mother of our 4 amazing grand-girls and one amazing grand-son who bring lots of laughter and joy to us.  Our youngest son Matt is newly married to Melody.  It is a delight to watch them become a couple and build a Christ-centered home.

Sandy and I love Ranger baseball, travel and finding ways to enjoy our family. My heroes are Ronald Reagan, Damon Shook (my Pastor), and people who suffer loss and find the Lord in the midst of the tears.  I could eat Mexican food and ice cream for every meal.  I love and hate golf, just depending on my last shot, which usually means I hate it!  My favorite song is Never Once and yes, I cry every time we sing it!

I served 25 years as Senior Pastor at Fielder Church, and it has given me joy to see us become a New Testament church as I continue to serve as Teaching Pastor.  I am challenged to know and love our Lord more deeply and see Him at work in me.  My motto is to ‘live my life before an audience of ONE’ for His glory.  Pastoring Fielder Church has been the delight of my soul and yet I am equally excited to see God work through Jason!